We understand that every job is unique in size, budget and constraints, and thus requires an
individual approach. The knowledge is embedded in the firm’s
creative ability and technical expertise, from the concept to the construction stages of each project.

Architecture – Interior design – Planning – Landscaping


At The Design Studio, We believe in the uniqueness of each building site. Our strive is optimizes the utility of building site by providing aesthetic, creative and sustainable design solutions that confers to the principals of structural engineering.


The Design Studio believes in augmenting the utility of space while enhancing its aesthetic value by using innovative practical and appealing accessories, furnishings and technological aids


The Design Studio strongly believes in a collaborative, inter -disciplinary approach to effectively deliver integrated urban development projects. An expert team of Urban Planners, Architects, Developers and Sustainability


TDS’s approach to design involves four basic steps


Understanding the
requirements of the clients


Detailed development
of the design


Integration of design with
engineering principal


Project supervision and
efcient execution


Ongoing Projects


Projects Complete


Dynamic Architects


Customer Satisfaction
Best architecture in chandigarh

The Design Studio is one of the top architectural firms in Chandigarh that involves a team of skilled, passionate and motivated designers with varied and innovative designs. Being the best architect in Chandigarh, we strive to develop quality, cost-effectiveness and innovative solutions. The company enjoys a reputation for architecture and design solutions that are varied, comprehensive, and most importantly, client-focused. Our every creation aims at integrating a timeless aesthetic with functional design, an objective that has been at the core of the firm’s culture since its inception.

The Design Studio is one of the top architectural firms in Chandigarh that has accrued significant global acclaim. We are a multi-disciplinary practice firm that encompasses master planning, architecture and interior design. The industry has shown ineffective scope definition that occurs in projects and due to which excessive mid-course changes and thus fails to deliver desired client objectives. The Design Studio has a proven work process with tools based on industries’ best practices for architectural projects. We assure the effective use of client capital by delivering superior projects in terms of design quality, cost, and operating performance. The Design Studio believes in a robust and holistic design approach, rooted in strong ethics and an approach that the entire team believes in.

It can be summed into 4 E’s – Emotion, Evolution, Environment and Economy. We have a team of building and architecture technologists who are determined to design modern architecture. Being one of the top architects in Chandigarh, we implement modern architecture practices with unique and creative designing work across India. Through years of practice, we have honed our outlook and philosophy and successfully established a remarkable position in the industry that is renowned for innovation in building’s architecture design, energy-efficient architecture & eco-friendly design.

Being the top architects in Chandigarh, we strive to focus on performance of architecture responding primarily and quickly to its ecology and resources available, in order to change the way design performs in its lifecycle. Therefore, if you are looking for best architects in Chandigarh then The Design Studio is the perfect choice to make.

Therefore, if you are looking for top architects in Chandigarh then The Design Studio is the perfect choice to make.